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      CCP 4136     


Art. 4136.  Substitution of one kind of security for another

Any tutor who desires to give bond or security and thus release from an existing general or special mortgage the whole or a portion of the property covered thereby may do so with the approval of the court as provided in Article 4271, provided the bond or security tendered fully protects the minor.

Any of the securities enumerated in Articles 4132 and 4133 may be substituted at any time either in whole or in part for any other kind, at the option of the tutor, and with the approval of the court as provided in Article 4271, which shall enter the necessary orders to render the substitutions effective.  If other security has been furnished instead of a general mortgage, the tutor may not revert to a general mortgage.

When a bond or security is substituted only in part for the general or special mortgage, the amount thereof may be proportionately smaller based on the value of the property to be released from mortgage.

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