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      CCP 4234     


Art. 4234.  Removal of tutor

The court may remove any tutor who is or has become disqualified; is a nonresident who has not appointed, or has left the state permanently without appointing, an agent to represent him as required by Article 4273; has become incapable of discharging the duties of his office; has mismanaged the minor's property; has failed to perform any duty imposed by law or by order of court; or if such removal would be in the best interests of the minor.

The court on its own motion may order, and on motion of any interested party shall order the tutor to show cause why he should not be removed from office.  If service of this order cannot be made on the tutor for any reason, the court shall appoint an attorney at law to represent him, on whom service shall be made and against whom the proceeding shall be conducted contradictorily.

The removal of a tutor from office does not invalidate any of his official acts performed prior to his removal.

Amended by Acts 1964, No. 4, §1; Acts 1976, No. 429, §3.

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