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      CCP 4269.1     


Art. 4269.1.  Placement of minor's property in trust

At any time during his administration a tutor may apply to the court for authorization to place some or all of the minor's property in trust for administration, management and investment in accordance with the Louisiana Trust Code.  The trust instrument shall name the minor as sole beneficiary of the trust, shall name a trustee, shall impose maximum spendthrift restraints, and shall be subject to termination at the option of the beneficiary upon attaining the age of majority or, should he fail to attain majority, at the option of his heirs or legatees.  The court may, upon application, make such changes in the trust instrument as may be advisable.  Upon creation of the trust, the tutor shall be entitled to no further commissions with respect to the trust property.

Added by Acts 1980, No. 276, §1.

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