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      CCP 4362     


Art. 4362.  Recordation of judgment; mortgage in favor of minor

A.  A judgment adjudicating immovable property shall be effective only after it is recorded in the conveyance records of the parish where the property is situated.  If the price of the adjudication has not been paid, the minor shall have a vendor's privilege against the property adjudicated for the unpaid price, and the judgment of adjudication shall also be recorded in the mortgage records of such parish.

B.  The provisions of this Article shall apply only to adjudications made six months from and after July 1, 2006.  Those made before such time shall continue to be regulated by the provisions of this Article as it existed prior to July 1, 2006.

Acts 2005, No. 169, §3, eff. July 1, 2006; Acts 2005, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 13, §1, eff. Nov. 29, 2005.

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