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      CCP 4704     


Art. 4704.  Definitions

Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, as used in this Title the following terms have the following meanings:

"Lease" means any oral or written lease, and includes a sublease;

"Lessee" includes a sublessee, whether the person seeking to evict is a lessor or sublessor; and an assignee of a lessee;

"Lessor" includes a sublessor, assignee, or transferee;

"Occupant" includes a sharecropper; half hand; day laborer; former owner; and any person occupying immovable property by permission or accommodation of the owner, former owner, or another occupant, except a mineral lessee, owner of a mineral servitude, or a lessee of the owner;

"Owner" includes a lessee; and

"Premises" includes the land and all buildings and improvements thereon leased by a tenant, or possessed by an occupant.

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