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      CCRP 579     


Art. 579.  Interruption of time limitation

A.  The period of limitation established by Article 578 shall be interrupted if:

(1)  The defendant at any time, with the purpose to avoid detection, apprehension, or prosecution, flees from the state, is outside the state, or is absent from his usual place of abode within the state; or

(2)  The defendant cannot be tried because of insanity or because his presence for trial cannot be obtained by legal process, or for any other cause beyond the control of the state; or

(3)  The defendant fails to appear at any proceeding pursuant to actual notice, proof of which appears of record.

B.  The periods of limitation established by Article 578 shall commence to run anew from the date the cause of interruption no longer exists.

C.  If the defendant fails to appear in court pursuant to any provision of this Article and the defendant is subsequently arrested, the periods of limitations established by Article 578 of this Code shall not commence to run anew until the defendant appears in person in open court where the case on the original charge is pending, or the district attorney prosecuting the original charge has notice of the defendant's custodial location.  For purposes of this Paragraph, "notice" shall mean either of the following:

(1)  Filing in the court record by either the defendant or his counsel advising the court of his incarceration with a copy provided to the district attorney and certification of notice provided to the district attorney.

(2)  Following the seventy-two hour hearing provided by Article 230.1 of this Code, actual notice of arrest is provided to the district attorney and filed in the record of the proceeding of which the warrant against the defendant was issued.

Amended by Acts 1984, No. 671, §1; Acts 2013, No. 6, §1.

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