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      JRULE 16     


Joint Rule No. 16.  Legislative oversight by standing committees

A.  Each standing committee of the Senate and the House of Representatives shall conduct legislative oversight of the administration of laws and programs by agencies supported entirely or partially by state funds, including but not limited to those program evaluation functions authorized in R.S. 24:691-693 to be performed by the Joint Committee on Legislative Oversight; and to that end each standing committee shall have the powers, authorities, privileges, and duties therein conferred upon the Joint Committee on Legislative Oversight to perform all such functions.  The rules of procedure of each house for standing committees shall apply to the extent possible in the performance of these functions.  

B.  Each standing committee shall have responsibility for oversight of those statutory entities for which the committee has jurisdiction in accordance with the rules of the respective house.  

Mason's Manual:  Sec. 758

SCR 52, 1986.  

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