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      JRULE 18     


Joint Rule No. 18.  Limit on bill introductions; exceptions

The following bills shall not be counted against the five-bill limit on bill introductions after prefiling, as provided in Article III, Section 2(A) of the Louisiana Constitution, for the authors of these bills:

(1)  The general appropriation bill.  

(2)  The bill appropriating funds for the judicial branch.  

(3)  The bill appropriating funds for the legislative branch.  

(4)  The capital outlay bill.  

(5)  The omnibus bond authorization bill.  

(6)  Appropriation bills supplementing the General Appropriation Act.

(7)  The bill appropriating funds from the Revenue Sharing Fund pursuant to Article VII, Section 26.  

(8)  The bill establishing and reestablishing agency ancillary funds.

HCR 336, 1993; HCR 91, 2001.  

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