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      JRULE 3     


Joint Rule No. 3.  Legislative Bureau

A.  Composition

There is hereby created a Legislative Bureau to be composed of two members of the Legislature, one to be selected by each house, and ex officio, the Secretary of the Senate, the Clerk of the House of Representatives and the Executive Director of the Legislative Council.  

B.  Referral and Report.  

Each bill and joint resolution and each concurrent resolution proposing the suspension of a law, shall be referred to the Legislative Bureau prior to its advancement to third reading in the house where it did not originate for examination and report as to construction and duplication, which report shall be advisory only and may contain amendments.  Additionally, the Legislative Bureau shall similarly examine each such instrument upon its engrossment and passage to third reading in the house of origin and shall make such recommendations for floor amendments with respect thereto as may be deemed advisable.  

C.  Amendments.  

The Legislative Bureau report is privileged and may be received and acted upon at any time, and all of the amendments proposed to all bills or other legislative matter intended to have the effect of law included in said report may be adopted upon a single motion to that effect unless an objection is made thereto, and then all bills or other matter contained in said report may be advanced to third reading upon a single motion to that effect.

SCR 1, 1st Ex. Sess., 1975.  

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