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      RS 17:4036.1     



§4036.1. Learning pods

            A. Each public school governing authority may establish learning pods as an extension of any school under its jurisdiction. For purposes of this Chapter, "learning pod" means a group of at least ten students enrolled in the school who receive instruction in a small group setting.

            B. A student shall be assigned to a learning pod only if the assignment is requested by his parent or authorized by his parent upon the recommendation of school officials.

            C. All instruction provided to students assigned to learning pods shall be provided by teachers on the staff of the school who meet all qualifications and are subject to all requirements applicable to teachers at the school who are not assigned to a learning pod.

            D. Students assigned to a learning pod shall be:

            (1) Counted among the enrollment of the public school governing authority for purposes of full funding through the minimum foundation program formula.

            (2) Subject to all requirements applicable to students enrolled in the school who are not assigned to a learning pod.

            (3) Eligible for participation in all services and activities for which they would be eligible if not assigned to a learning pod.

            E. The establishment of learning pods shall be subject to policies and procedures adopted by a public school governing authority, which, at a minimum, shall provide for the following:

            (1) The student population of the learning pod, which may be a blended population of students of different grade levels.

            (2) The method of instruction for the learning pod, which may occur in-person at a physical location on the school campus, remotely through virtual instruction, or through a hybrid approach that combines both methods.

            (3) Any specialized curriculum or program provided in the learning pod.

            (4) The process for a parent to request student assignment to a learning pod, grant authorization for a student's assignment to a learning pod if recommended by school officials, and withdraw a student from a learning pod.

            F. This Chapter does not apply to or have any effect on any learning pod or other group of students that is formed and operated by parents, regardless of whether they are enrolled in a public school or a nonpublic school or participating in a home study program.

            Acts 2021, No. 400, §1, eff. June 16, 2021; Acts 2022, No. 374, §1.

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