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      CCP 2344     


Art. 2344. Online auctions

            A. In lieu of selling the seized property at an auction conducted at a designated place, the sheriff may offer the property for sale by an online auction conducted through a computer network or other electronic telecommunications system generally available to the public.

            B. Notice of a sale by online auction shall be published in accordance with Article 2331 and in the manner provided by law. In addition to the other requirements of law, the notice shall state that the sale will be conducted through an online auction, shall identify the electronic address of the platform through which bids can be entered, and shall specify the date of the sale and the time when bidding is scheduled to open.

            C. Online auctions shall be conducted only on a day on which the sheriff is permitted by law to conduct judicial sales, beginning at a time set by the sheriff. Online bidding at each sale shall be open until at least two minutes have elapsed since the most recent bid was entered, or if no bid is entered, until at least two minutes have elapsed since bidding was opened. The amount of each bid shall be posted on the platform and made visible to the public contemporaneously with the entering of the bid. The sheriff may set a minimum incremental bid amount for each sale.

            D. Before the opening of bidding, the platform on which bidders enter bids for the property shall display or otherwise make accessible the advertisement of the sale, the mortgage certificate, and all other certificates that the sheriff would be required by Article 2334 to read aloud at the time and place designated for a sheriff's sale. The platform shall also display the announcement required by Article 2335.

            E. The sheriff may impose reasonable qualifications on bidders other than the seizing creditor and the debtor, including the requirement to pay a deposit or provide proof of available funds before the opening of bidding. These qualifications shall be displayed or otherwise made accessible on the platform.

            F. Upon request made by the debtor before the day of the online auction, the sheriff shall inform the debtor of a location where the debtor may, without charge, have use of a computer terminal or other accommodation to bid at the online auction.

            G. Entry by a seizing creditor of a bid at an online auction or the seizing creditor's indication on the platform that it is present for the online auction or that it will not enter a bid constitutes presence at the sale for the purposes of Article 2338.

            H. Except as otherwise provided in this Article, the online auction shall be conducted as far as practicable in compliance with the requirements of this Chapter and Chapter 3 of this Title.

            Acts 2023, No. 390, §1.

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