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      SRULE 1.3     


Rule 1.3.  Senate Floor

           A. No person shall be admitted on the Senate Floor while the Senate is in session or for thirty minutes before the time fixed for the convening of each session or for thirty minutes after adjournment of each session. However, members of the senate and the Secretary, officers and employees of the senate or of senators, members of the House of Representatives, the Clerk of the House, officers and employees of the House or of members of the House, the Legislative Auditor, the Legislative Fiscal Officer, and the employees of any of these shall be admitted to the floor. For the purposes of these rules, the Senate Floor is defined as that area so designated in the diagram of the Senate Chamber included at the end of this rule.

           B. No member of any news media shall conduct any formal interview with a senator on the Senate Floor while the Senate is in session.

           C. One chair, permanently affixed to the floor at the desk of each senator, and no other chairs shall be permitted in Section A of the floor of the Senate, except for the six chairs at the news media desks, and the chairs at the President's desk and the Secretary's desk, the number to be determined by the President.

           D. Special permission to enter those portions of the Senate Floor designated as Sections B, C, and D, the Senate Library, the office of the Secretary, and that portion of the floor behind the Secretary's desk may be granted by the President to visiting officials of other states or of the United States or of foreign countries, or to other dignitaries.

           E. No person shall bring food or drink on the Senate Floor within the areas designated as Sections A, B, C, and D on the diagram contained in the rule, of a kind or in a manner which is disruptive of the decorum of the senate, without special permission of the President.


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