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      SRULE 10.7     


Rule 10.7.  Order of consideration of legislative instruments

           A. Each legislative instrument shall be taken up and acted upon in the proper order of business in the order numbered until it has been reported on by committee. After being reported by a committee, each instrument shall take precedence in the order of its maturing, by day; that is, instruments shall take precedence in numerical order by day of report by committee and thereafter in the order otherwise advanced to further action by the Senate.

           B. As each instrument is advanced to each successive order of business, it shall be placed on the calendar in the proper order of business in numerical order with other instruments advanced to the same order on the same day, and these numerically ordered listings of instruments shall in turn be arranged according to the day of advancement to said order. Each instrument then shall be considered during that order of business in the order listed.

           C. On any legislative day on which at the time of adjournment the Senate is engaged in the consideration of legislative instruments on final passage, but has not finally acted upon all instruments listed for consideration in that order of business on that day, the Secretary shall enter on the calendar for the next legislative day under the same order of business each such instrument upon which final action has not been taken in the same order in which said instruments have advanced.

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