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      SRULE 10.9     


Rule 10.9. Resolutions; introduction and referral; suspension of laws

A. Each resolution shall be read by title upon introduction in the Senate and shall be referred to an appropriate committee on the next legislative day following the day of introduction. The requirement of referral to committee shall not apply to perfunctory resolutions, such as those pertaining to adjournment or to a resolution introduced for the purpose of calling an election for the election of the President pursuant to Rule 3.2, the election of the President Pro Tempore pursuant to Rule 3.4, for the election of the Secretary pursuant to Rule 3.6 or for the election of the Sergeant at Arms pursuant to Rule 3.8. Only a resolution pertaining to notifying the House of Representatives or the governor that the Senate has convened or is ready to adjourn or the holding of a joint session of the legislature may be taken up and acted upon immediately upon introduction. Otherwise, no resolution may be taken up and acted upon until it is listed on the order of the day for that legislative day.

B. A resolution suspending a law shall be adopted only in accordance with the same procedures and formalities provided by the constitution, by law, and by applicable Senate rules for the passage of instruments having the force and effect of law. Any such resolution shall fix the period of suspension, which shall not extend beyond the sixtieth day after adjournment sine die of the next regular session after adoption thereof.

Amended by SR 18 of 2004 RS; SR 4 of 2011 RS; SR 168 of 2014 RS, eff. August 1, 2014.

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