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      SRULE 11.13     


Rule 11.13. Table of Rules Relating to Motions

              The following table of rules relating to motions shall govern:


                                                                                                    Opens                  Can be                 Can be                                              In Order

                                                                                                    Main                    Amended             Recon-                 Vote                     When

Motion                                                            Debatable            Question              by a                      sidered                 Required              Another

                                                                                                    To                        Substitute            (14)                      (2)                        Has

                                                                                                    Debate                 Motion (1)                                                                     Floor



Adjourn, fixing day and time                         No                       No                       Yes                      No                       M                         No

Amend                                                            Yes                      No                       No                       Yes                      M                         No

Appeal a call to order or reprimand                No (3)                  No                       No                       Yes (4)                 ME                      Yes

Appeal, all other cases                                    Yes (3,5)              No                       No                       Yes (4)                 ME                      Yes

Call from the calendar                                    No                       No                       No                       No                       M                         No

Call to order                                                   No                       No                       No                       Yes                      M (6)                   Yes

Call up a bill or resolution without regard

              to its numerical order                       No                       No                       Yes                      Yes                      ME                      No

Commit or recommit                                      Yes                      Yes                      Yes                      Yes (8)                 M                         No

Extend limits of debate                                   No                       No                       Yes                      Yes                      M                         No

Lay on table                                                    No                       No                       No                       No (7)                  M                         No

Leave to continue speaking after indecorum  No                       No                       No                       Yes                      M                         No

Limit debate                                                   No                       No                       Yes                      Yes                      M                         No

Postpone indefinitely                                      Yes                      Yes                      No                       Yes                      M                         No

Postpone to a certain day and time                 No                       No                       Yes                      Yes                      M                         No

Previous question                                           No                       No                       No                       Yes                      M                         No

Previous question on entire

              subject matter (10)                           No                       No                       No                       Yes                      M                         No

Priority of business relating to                       No                       No                       No                       Yes                      M                         No

Privilege, question of                                     Yes                      No                       Yes                      Yes                      M                         No

Proceed to executive business                        No                       No                       Yes                      Yes                      M                         No(14)

Reading papers                                               No                       No                       No                       Yes                      M                         No

Reconsider a debatable question                    Yes                      Yes                      No                       No                       M                         (11)

Reconsider an undebatable question              No                       No                       No                       No                       M                         (11)

Refer                                                               Yes                      Yes                      Yes                      Yes (8)                 M                         No

Return to the calendar, subject to call            No                       No                       No                       No                       M                         No

Special order, to make a                                 Yes                      No                       Yes                      Yes                      M                         No

Suspend the rules                                            No                       No                       No                       No                       ME                      No

Take a recess                                                  No                       No                       Yes                      No                       M                         No

Take up order of the day                                No                       No                       No                       Yes                      (9)                        Yes

Withdrawal of a motion                                 No                       No                       No                       Yes                      (12)                      No


           "Yes" shows that the rule heading the column in which it stands applies to the motion opposite to which it is placed. "No" shows that the rule does not apply. A figure shows that the rule only partially applies -- the figure referring to the note showing the limitation. Take, for example, "Lay on the Table." The table shows that it is undebatable, does not open main question, cannot be amended, an affirmative vote as shown by note No. 8 cannot be reconsidered, requires a majority vote, and is not in order when another has the floor.


           1. Since motions are never amended in the Senate, this heading is somewhat misleading. What is meant is that the motion can be altered in some respect by a substitute motion -- for example, the motion to lay on the table cannot be altered by a substitute motion, but the motion to fix the time and day to which to adjourn can be altered by a substitute motion to name another day and/or time.

           2. Vote required: M -- Majority of those present and voting; ME -- Majority of those elected.

           3. An appeal is undebatable only when relating (a) to indecorum or (b) to transgressions of the rules of speaking or (c) to the priority of business or (d) when made while the previous question is pending. When debatable, only two speeches from each member are allowed.

           4. The vote on a motion to appeal may be reconsidered, but when the subject matter upon which the appeal was taken has been disposed of, and it is impossible for the Senate to reverse its action, it is too late to move to reconsider the vote on the motion to appeal.

           5. No member shall speak more than twice unless by leave of the Senate. (See Senate Rule 6.7; See also Note 3, supra.)

           6. If any member, in speaking or otherwise, transgresses the rules of the Senate, the presiding officer shall, or any member may, call him to order. (Senate Rule 6.3)

           7. An affirmative vote on this motion cannot be reconsidered.

           8. Cannot be reconsidered when in committee. Senate Rule 13.11 sets forth procedures to effect a mandatory report by committee or discharge and recommittal.

           9. A matter of right; it would require a vote equivalent to a suspension of the rules to proceed otherwise.

           10. The previous question on the entire subject matter, if adopted, cuts off debate and brings the Senate to a vote on the pending questions in their order until the main question is reached, which shall be at once disposed of. But its only effect, if a motion "to postpone" is pending, is to bring the Senate to a vote upon that motion.

           11. Can be moved and entered on the record when another has the floor, but cannot interrupt business then before the Senate; must be made as provided in Senate Rule 11.12.

           12. A matter of right, except in the case of the motion to reconsider. (See Senate Rule 11.2)

           13. A rejected motion, although it is of a class that cannot be reconsidered, nonetheless can be renewed after progress in debate or the transaction of any business, if the renewal is not dilatory.

           14. Not in order more than once during debate on any one bill or resolution except with unanimous consent of those present and voting.

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