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      SRULE 11.5     


Rule 11.5.  Precedence of motions

A. At any time a question is under debate, the motions listed below shall take precedence in the order listed:

(1) To adjourn, fixing day and time

(2) To limit debate

(3) To take a recess

(4) To return to the calendar, subject to call

(5) To proceed to consideration of executive business

(6) To lay on the table

(7) To move the previous question

(8) To move the previous question on the entire subject matter

(9) To postpone indefinitely

(10) To postpone to a day and time certain

(11) To commit or recommit

(12) To amend

B. At any time any one of the above motions is under consideration, any motion having a higher precedence shall be in order and motions having a lower precedence shall not be in order.

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