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      SRULE 13.16     


Rule 13.16. Standing committees; compensation; expenses

           A. The members of each standing committee of the Senate shall receive the same per diem and travel allowance as are provided for members of the legislature in session for attendance during the interim between sessions at meetings of the committee or meetings of any subcommittee thereof or of any joint committee established by combining such committee with a House committee of similar subject matter jurisdiction as provided in Subparagraph (A)(3) of Senate Rule 13.12.

           B. The President may authorize the payment of per diem and travel allowance to members for performance of duties related to the work of committees other than attendance at committee meetings.

           C. The per diem and travel allowance herein authorized and all other expenses incurred by Senate committees shall be paid for out of the funds available to the President for the expenses of the legislature and committees. The expenses of joint committees, other than per diem and travel allowances, shall be paid out of funds available to the President and funds available to the Speaker of the House, respectively.

           D. When the expenses incurred in the interim between sessions by any standing committee, including in the aggregate the expenses of the committee and subcommittees thereof for per diem, travel, and other incidental expenses, exceed the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars, no further expenses of said standing committee or its subcommittees shall be incurred without the approval of the President.

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