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      SRULE 13.5.2     


Rule 13.5.2. Legislative instruments which produce increases or decreases in taxes or fees; dual committee referral

           Each legislative instrument which produces a net decrease in taxes or fees or produces an increase in taxes or fees, as reflected in the fiscal note prepared in accordance with Joint Rule No. 4, of five hundred thousand dollars or more annually in any one of the three ensuing fiscal years or produces an increase which, although unspecified in the fiscal note, is indicated in the fiscal note to likely exceed five hundred thousand dollars annually in any of the three ensuing fiscal years shall be referred to a standing committee under the provisions of Rule 13.4, and, if reported, shall be reported in accordance with the requirements of Rule 13.9. However, after such report, any such Senate instrument ordered engrossed, immediately following the engrossment order, and any such House instrument reported favorably or with amendments, immediately following the reading of such report and action on any amendments reported, shall be recommitted by the President to the Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs.

           SR 47 of 1995 RS; SR 30 of 1997 RS

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