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      SRULE 13.51     



Rule 13.51. Committee rules

           A. The standing committees of the Senate, and insofar as is practicable subcommittees and joint committees, shall be governed in the conduct of their meetings by the provisions of this Chapter.

           B. These Uniform Rules of Committee Procedure shall be deemed to be supplemental to other specific Rules of Order of the Senate applicable to standing committees, and such specific rules shall apply in all cases. On any question of order or parliamentary practice, where the rules contained in this Chapter are silent or inexplicit, the applicable rules contained in other Chapters of the Rules of Order of the Senate shall govern.

           C. In addition to the provisions of Paragraphs A and B above, each standing committee and joint committee may adopt rules to govern its procedure not inconsistent with this Chapter or any other provision of the Rules of Order of the Senate.

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