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      SRULE 13.52     


Rule 13.52. Committee chairman; duties

           The duties of each committee chairman shall be:

           (1) To call all meetings of the committee, including those requested by the membership as provided in Rule 13.12.

           (2) To preside at all meetings of the committee.

           (3) To call each meeting to order at the time and place designated by the meeting notice.

           (4) To be responsible for maintaining a record of attendance at each committee meeting.

           (5) After ascertaining the presence of a quorum, to cause the committee to proceed with its business in the proper order according to the agenda and to announce the business before the committee as its proceeds with such business.

           (6) To preserve order and decorum and to speak on points of order, for which purpose he shall have preference over other members.

           (7) To decide all points of order, subject to appeal to the committee.

           (8) To explain or clarify any rule or procedure, upon request.

           (9) To state or direct the Secretary to state each motion as it is made.

           (10) To recognize members and afford each an opportunity to be heard during consideration of each matter.

           (11) To state and put to a vote all questions requiring a vote after the order of the question on the same and thereafter to announce the vote.

           (12) To appoint the membership and the chairman of all subcommittees.

           (13) To sign all documents which require his signature.

           (14) To arrange for the posting and filing of committee notices, as otherwise provided in the Rules of Order of the Senate, particularly as provided in this Chapter.

           (15) To prepare or supervise the preparation of the agenda for each committee meeting, as required by these rules.

           (16) To supervise and be responsible for the preparation of committee reports and to submit them to the Senate.

           (17) To submit requests to the President for interim studies or meetings, as provided in Rule 13.12.

           (18) To have custody of and insure the security, on the day on which scheduled to be heard, of all legislative instruments and other papers or documents referred or submitted to the committee.

           (19) To return to the Secretary following each committee meeting all legislative instruments or other documents in his custody.

           (20) To discharge all other duties required by law or directed by the Senate, the committee, or the President.

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