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      SRULE 13.66     


Rule 13.66. Organizational meetings; calling; notice; purpose

A. As soon as the chairman of a committee has been appointed and there is business to come before the committee, an organizational meeting of the committee shall be called. Such a meeting shall be called by the chairman or, in his absence, by the vice chairman, in accordance with the schedule for committee meetings established in accordance with the rules. The chairman shall cause notice of such meeting to be posted, filed, and/or transmitted as otherwise provided by the Senate rules, including these committee rules, except that no notice of an organizational meeting during a session shall be required to be posted or filed prior to the first day of the session. During a session, notice of such a meeting also shall be given by public announcement in the Senate.

B. At an organizational meeting the committee shall review matters which the committee proposes to study or which have been referred to the committee for study and the legislative instruments which have been referred to it at the time and shall prepare a tentative schedule for proceeding with the work of the committee.

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