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      SRULE 13.95     


Rule 13.95.  Permanent committee records; disposition

A. The permanent records of the committee shall include the minutes of each meeting and a file on each instrument received by the committee. The file on each instrument shall include a copy of the original instrument; a copy of committee amendments proposed by any member, whether or not adopted, and the disposition thereof; a copy of any fiscal note, actuarial note, or notice attached to an instrument at the time of committee consideration; all prepared statements filed with the committee chairman by members or interested parties; the minutes of the public hearing held on the instrument and of the meeting at which the committee report thereon was decided; and a copy of the committee report thereon.

B. The minutes, as approved by the committee, and other permanent records of the committee shall be retained by the Senate staff and shall be public records; however the Secretary of the Senate shall be the official custodian of such records.

SR 34 of 1993 RS; SR 168 of 2014 RS, eff. August 1, 2014.

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