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      SRULE 16.1     



Rule 16.1. Committee referral of appointments submitted for confirmation

A. All appointments sent to the Senate for confirmation shall be referred to the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee.  Neither the Senate nor the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee shall consider for confirmation any appointment unless the following information concerning the appointee has been submitted:

(1) Full name.

(2) Home address.

(3) Home and business telephone number.

(4) Social security number.

(5) Driver's license number, or a sworn statement from the appointee that he holds no driver's license.

(6) The name of the person or persons who recommended the nominee to the governor or appointing authority for appointment to the position.

(7) A copy of the nominee's financial disclosure or contract disclosure  statement, if the nominee is required to submit a financial disclosure statement pursuant to R.S. 42:1114, 1124, 1124.2, 1124.2.1 or 1124.3, or a contract disclosure statement pursuant to R.S. 42:1113(D)(4).

B. The committee shall report thereon to the Senate in one of the following ways:

(1) Recommends that the appointment be confirmed.

(2) Recommends that the appointment not be confirmed.

(3) Without action.

SR 4 of 1994 3rd EX; SR 156 of Acts 2011.

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