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      SRULE 3.3     


Rule 3.3. Duties of President

           The President shall:

           (1) Convene the Senate at the time fixed by Senate Rule 10.1 and shall open each session by taking the chair and calling the members to order.

           (2) Preside at all sessions of the Senate, but he may designate any member to serve as presiding officer for a limited time, which shall not extend beyond adjournment each day.

           (3) Cause the Senate to proceed with its business in the order established by the rules, if a quorum is present, and announce or direct the Secretary to announce the business before the Senate as the Senate proceeds upon each order of business.

           (4) Preserve order and decorum, particularly as provided in these rules.

           (5) Confine members to the question under consideration.

           (6) Speak on points of order, and he shall have preference over other members in doing so.

           (7) Decide all points of order, subject to appeal to the Senate as provided in Senate Rule 6.3.

           (8) Explain or clarify any rule of procedure upon request.

           (9) State, or direct the Secretary to state, each motion as it is made, as provided in Senate Rule 11.1.

           (10) Recognize members who seek the floor for the purpose of speaking in debate or otherwise, but such recognition shall be in accordance with Senate Rules 6.5 and 6.6.

           (11) State and put to a vote all questions requiring a vote or upon which a vote is ordered and announce the vote as provided in Senate Rules 12.5 and 12.8.

           (12) Cast his vote when the Senate is equally divided; otherwise, he may but shall not be required to vote.

           (13) Have general charge and supervision of the Senate Chamber and all physical facilities, particularly as provided in Chapter 1.

           (14) Assemble the members in meetings during the interim between sessions or at any other time for any purpose he deems necessary or desirable and expend funds of the Senate to pay the expenses thereof, including per diem and travel expenses.

           (15) Appoint or remove the members of each Senate and conference committee, except as otherwise provided by law, rule, or resolution, and appoint or remove the chairman and vice chairman of each committee, as provided by Senate Rule 13.2.

           (16) Create select committees and appoint or remove the members thereof.

           (17) Provide for a schedule of committee meetings, as provided by Senate Rules 13.69 and 13.70.

           (18) Refer to standing committees all prefiled instruments or other matters to be referred to committee, as provided in Senate Rules 13.4 and 13.5.

           (19) Sign all documents which require his signature, particularly as provided in Senate Rule 7.11.

           (20) At his discretion, examine and correct the Journal.

           (21) Have general charge and supervision over the Secretary and his assistants, the Sergeant at Arms and his assistants, and all employees of the Senate.

           (22) Employ, fix the compensation, and have authority to discharge all Senate employees.

           (23) Approve all expenditures of the Senate and its members and enter into contracts for the Senate and its members.

           (24) Preside over joint sessions of the legislature, as provided in Joint Rule No. 1.

           (25) Do and perform such other duties as are required by the constitution and laws, the legislature, or the Senate, and such other duties as may properly appertain to the office of the President.

           (26) At his discretion, name any senator to perform any duties of the chair for a time he shall specify.

           (27) Delegate any of his duties or functions to the President Pro Tempore.

           (28) Appoint a parliamentarian.

           (29) Have control and custody of all vehicles owned by or assigned to the Senate.

           (30) Be responsible for the assignment and use of vehicles owned by or assigned to the Senate and may assign such vehicles for use by the staff for Senate business.

           (31) Submit receipts or documentation supported by other evidence for all expenses for which reimbursement is sought pursuant to R.S. 24:503.

           (32) Cause to be distributed reports covering interim activity from standing, joint, or special legislative or Senate committees or subcommittees to all members of the Senate, particularly Senators representing geographic areas included in the study.

           (33) Suspend any or all of the duties of the Secretary of the Senate prescribed in Senate Rule 3.7 when the Secretary has been censured and placed on probation by the Senate by adoption of a resolution. The length of time of any probation shall be specified in a resolution in which the Secretary is censured and placed on probation. Upon the conclusion of such a period of probation, the authority of the President under this Paragraph shall cease. In addition to the suspension of duties, the President may reduce the compensation of the Secretary commensurate with the suspension of the Secretary's duties and may designate an acting secretary of the Senate to perform such duties during the time of the Secretary's suspension.

           SR 3 of 1996 1st ES; SR 14 of 1996 1st ES; SR 8 of 2004 1st EX

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