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      CHC 1153     


Art. 1153.  Medical evaluation of the infant

A.  The act of relinquishment constitutes parental consent for the purposes of examining and testing procedures conducted by hospital staff and for the purposes of providing medical treatment and care of the infant.

B.  A physician shall promptly conduct a comprehensive medical examination and such tests to determine:

(1)  If the infant suffers from HIV or hepatitis, if suspected.

(2)  If the infant suffered fetal exposure to alcohol or drugs.

(3)  If the infant appears to have been abused or neglected.

(4)  The infant's estimated date of birth, if not previously known.

C.  The hospital shall forward the infant's birth information to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, for issuance of a birth certificate, unless it is determined that one has already been issued.  Unless otherwise known, the infant shall be presumed to have been born in Louisiana.

D.  Absent evidence of willful or intentional misconduct or gross negligence in carrying out these responsibilities, medical personnel and hospital staff shall be immune from civil and criminal liability in any legal action arising from the hospital's examination, testing, care, and treatment of the infant.

Acts 2003, No. 609, §2.

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