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      CHC 1673     


Art. 1673.  Binding effect of compact and other laws

A.(1)  Nothing herein prevents the enforcement of any other law of a compacting state that is not inconsistent with this compact.

(2)  All compacting states' laws other than state constitutions and other interstate compacts conflicting with this compact are superseded to the extent of the conflict.

B.(1)  All lawful actions of the Interstate Commission, including all rules and bylaws promulgated by the Interstate Commission, are binding upon the compacting states.

(2)  All agreements between the Interstate Commission and the compacting states are binding in accordance with their terms.

(3)  Upon the request of a party to a conflict over meaning or interpretation of Interstate Commission actions, and upon a majority vote of the compacting states, the Interstate Commission may issue advisory opinions regarding such meaning or interpretation.

(4)  In the event any provision of this compact exceeds the constitutional limits imposed on the legislature of any compacting state, the obligations, duties, powers or jurisdiction sought to be conferred by such provision upon the Interstate Commission shall be ineffective and such obligations, duties, powers or jurisdiction shall remain in the compacting state and shall be exercised by the agency thereof to which such obligations, duties, powers or jurisdiction are delegated by law in effect at the time this compact becomes effective.

Acts 2003, No. 1185, §1, eff. July 1, 2004.

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