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      CONST 5 16     


§16.  District Courts; Jurisdiction

Section 16.(A)  Original Jurisdiction.  (1) Except as otherwise authorized by this constitution or except as heretofore or hereafter provided by law for administrative agency determinations in worker's compensation matters, a district court shall have original jurisdiction of all civil and criminal matters.  (2) It shall have exclusive original jurisdiction of felony cases and of cases involving title to immovable property, except as provided in (3) below; the right to office or other public position; civil or political right; probate and succession matters; except for administrative agency determination provided for in (1) above, the state, a political corporation, or political subdivisions, or a succession, as a defendant; and the appointment of receivers or liquidators for corporations or partnerships.  (3)  The legislature may provide by law that a family court has jurisdiction of cases involving title to movable and immovable property when those cases relate to the partition of community property and the settlement of claims arising from matrimonial regimes when such action arises as a result of divorce or annulment of marriage.

(B)  Appellate Jurisdiction.  A district court shall have appellate jurisdiction as provided by law.

Amended by Acts 1990, No. 1098, §1, approved Oct. 6, 1990, eff. Nov. 8, 1990; Acts 1993, No. 1040, §1, approved Oct. 1, 1994, eff. Nov. 3, 1994.

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