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      CONST 5 26     


§26.  District Attorneys

Section 26.(A)  Election; Qualifications; Assistants.  In each judicial district a district attorney shall be elected for a term of six years.  He shall have been admitted to the practice of law in the state for at least five years prior to his election and shall have resided in the district for the two years preceding election.  A district attorney may select assistants as authorized by law, and other personnel.  

(B)  Powers.  Except as otherwise provided by this constitution, a district attorney, or his designated assistant, shall have charge of every criminal prosecution by the state in his district, be the representative of the state before the grand jury in his district, and be the legal advisor to the grand jury.  He shall perform other duties provided by law.  

(C)  Prohibition.  No district attorney or assistant district attorney shall appear, plead, or in any way defend or assist in defending any criminal prosecution or charge.  A violation of this Paragraph shall be cause for removal.  

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