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      RS 32:300.2     


§300.2.  Electric personal assistive mobility devices; operation; exceptions

A.  Electric personal assistive mobility devices shall be authorized to operate on sidewalks, bicycle paths, and highways with posted speed limits of twenty-five miles per hour or less, except that any parish or municipal governing authority may limit or prohibit the operation of such devices on any sidewalk, bicycle path, or highway under its jurisdiction if such a prohibition or regulation is necessary and in the interest of safety.

B.  For purposes of this Section, the term "electric personal assistive mobility device" shall mean a self-balancing two-, non-tandem wheeled device designed to transport only one person at a time, with an electric propulsion system which limits the maximum speed of the device to not more than twenty miles per hour.  An electric personal assistive mobility device shall not be considered a motor scooter, an electric scooter, a vehicle, or a motor vehicle.

Acts 2004, No. 551, §1; Acts 2004, No. 805, §1; Acts 2010, No. 618, §2.

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