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      CCP 2904     


Art. 2904.  Admissibility of videotape of execution of testament

A.  In a contradictory trial to probate a testament under Article 2901 or an action to annul a probated testament under Article 2931, and provided the testator is sworn by a person authorized to take oaths and the oath is recorded on the videotape, the videotape of the execution and reading of the testament by the testator may be admissible as evidence of any of the following:

(1)  The proper execution of the testament.

(2)  The intentions of the testator.

(3)  The mental state or capacity of the testator.

(4)  The authenticity of the testament.

(5)  Matters that are determined by a court to be relevant to the probate of the testament.

B.  For purposes of this Article, "videotape" means the visual recording on a magnetic tape, film, videotape, compact disc, digital versatile disc, digital video disc, or by other electronic means together with the associated oral record.

Acts 2005, No. 79, §1.

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