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      CHC 837.4     


Art. 837.4.  Two-year evaluation; hearing

A.  If, after two years of the initial contradictory hearing to determine the  mental capacity of the child to proceed, the restoration service provider determines that the child has not attained the mental capacity to proceed, the provider shall evaluate the likelihood of the child to attain the mental capacity to proceed within one year.  If unlikely, the court shall, within a reasonable time and after at least ten days notice to the district attorney, counsel for the child, the parents of the child, the child, the physical custodian of the child, and the restoration service provider, conduct a contradictory hearing to determine whether the child, in the one year following, will likely have the mental capacity to proceed and whether he is a danger to himself or others, or is gravely disabled.

B.  After the hearing, if the child has not attained the mental capacity to proceed, and there is evidence that the child will not attain the mental capacity to proceed within a year, the court may either:

(1)  Dismiss the petition in accordance with Article 876.

(2)  Adjudicate the family of the child to be in need of services and proceed to a disposition in accordance with Chapters 10 and 12 of Title VII.

(3)  Place the child in the custody of his parents or other suitable person or private or public institution or agency under such terms and conditions as deemed in the best interest of the child and the public, which conditions may include the provision of outpatient services by any suitable public or private agency.

C.  If the court determines that the child, as a result of mental illness, is dangerous to himself or others or is gravely disabled and is incapable of proceeding and is unlikely in the foreseeable future to be capable of proceeding, the court may order commitment to a designated and medically suitable treatment facility.  The court order shall constitute an order of civil commitment as provided in Title XIV. However, no child shall be discharged or conditionally discharged except upon  court order after a motion and contradictory hearing.

Acts 2006, No. 266, §1.

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