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      RS 32:782     


§782. Purpose; jurisdiction and authority of the commission

            A. The Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission is created for the purpose of developing and advancing the independent used motor vehicle industry, promoting and stimulating its businesses, and encouraging fair business practices to strive for fair competition. Further, the commission understands its role in representing the consumers of used motor vehicles and seeks to protect their interests by strengthening the relationship between dealers and consumers, assisting in dispute resolution, maintaining education programs to promote industry standards, and assisting the office of motor vehicles in enforcement of its laws related to used motor vehicle transactions.

            B. The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to any person, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or other entity that is licensed or regulated by the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission. If any provision of this Chapter conflicts with any provision of Chapter 6 of this Title, the provisions of Chapter 6 of this Title shall prevail.

            Acts 2006, No. 440, §1; Acts 2009, No. 403, §1, eff. July 7, 2009; Acts 2018, No. 435, §1, eff. May 23, 2018.

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