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      RS 30:2573     


§2573.  Definitions

A.  As used in this Chapter, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the term:

(1)  "Fabricated mercury-added product" means a product that consists of a combination of individual components that combine to make a single unit, including but not limited to mercury-added measuring devices, lamps, and switches.

(2)  "Formulated mercury-added product" means a chemical product, including but not limited to laboratory chemicals, cleaning products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and coating materials, that are sold as a consistent mixture of chemicals.

(3)  "Health care facility" means any hospital, nursing home, extended care facility, long-term care facility, clinical or medical laboratory, state or private health or mental institution, clinic, physician's office, or health maintenance organization.

(4)  "Manufacturer" means any person, firm, association, partnership, corporation, governmental entity, organization, combination, or joint venture which produces a mercury-added product or an importer or domestic distributor of a mercury-added product produced in a foreign country.  In the case of a multi-component mercury-added product, the manufacturer is the last manufacturer to produce or assemble the product.  If the multi-component product is produced in a foreign country, the manufacturer is the importer or domestic distributor.

(5)  "Mercury-added novelty" means a mercury-added product intended mainly for personal or household enjoyment or adornment. Mercury-added novelties include, but are not limited to, items intended for use as practical jokes, figurines, adornments, toys, games, cards, ornaments, yard statues and figures, candles, jewelry, holiday decorations, items of apparel including footwear, or similar products.

(6)  "Mercury-added product" means a product, commodity, chemical, or a product with a component that contains mercury or a mercury compound intentionally added to the product, commodity, chemical, or component in order to provide a specific characteristic, appearance, or quality or to perform a specific function or for any other reason. These products include formulated mercury-added products and fabricated mercury-added products.

(7)  "Mercury fever thermometer" means a mercury-added product that is used for measuring body temperature.

B.  The mere presence of mercury as a contaminate does not of itself make a product a mercury-added product.

C.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter, dental amalgam, amalgam dispose caps, capsulated dental amalgam, or elemental mercury intended to be used for dental amalgam is not included in the definition of mercury-added product when dispensed by a qualified health care provider.  Manufacturers of dental amalgam, amalgam dispose caps, capsulated dental amalgam and/or components of these items, and elemental mercury intended to be used for dental amalgam are subject to this Section.

Acts 2006, No. 126, §1, eff. June 2, 2006.

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