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      RS 30:2577     


§2577.  Labeling of mercury-added products

A.  No mercury-added product manufactured on and after July 1, 2008, shall be offered for final sale or use or distributed for promotional purposes in Louisiana unless both the product and its packaging are labeled in accordance with this Section, any adopted rules, or the terms of any approved alternative labeling or notification granted under R.S. 30:2579.  A retailer may not be found in violation of this Subsection if the retailer lacked knowledge that the product contained mercury.

B.  Where a mercury-added product is a component of another product, the product containing the component and the component must both be labeled.  The label on a product containing a mercury-added component shall identify the component with sufficient detail so that it may be readily located for removal.

C.  All labels must be clearly visible prior to sale and must inform the purchaser, using words or symbols, that mercury is present in the product and that the product should not be disposed of or placed in a waste stream destined for disposal until the mercury is removed and reused, recycled, or otherwise managed to ensure that the mercury in the product does not become mixed with other solid waste or wastewater.

D.  Labels affixed to the product shall be constructed of materials that are sufficiently durable to remain legible for the useful life of the product.

E.  On and after July 1, 2008, any person offering a mercury-added product for final sale or use or promotional purposes to an address in Louisiana shall clearly advise the purchaser or recipient at the point of sale that the product contains mercury.  This requirement shall apply to all transactions where the purchaser or recipient is unable to view the labels on the package or the product prior to purchase or receipt, including but not limited to catalogue, telephone, and Internet sales.

F.  Responsibility for product and package labels required by this Section shall be on the manufacturer and not on the wholesaler or retailer unless the wholesaler or retailer agrees with the manufacturer to accept responsibility in conjunction with implementation of an alternative to the labeling requirements of this Section approved under R.S. 30:2578.  In the case of a multi-component product the responsible manufacturer is the last manufacturer to produce or assemble the product or, if the multi-component product is produced in a foreign country, the responsible manufacturer is the importer or domestic distributor.

Acts 2006, No. 126, §1, eff. June 2, 2006.

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