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      RS 30:2579     


§2579.  Alternative methods of public notification

A.  A manufacturer may apply to the Department of Environmental Quality for an alternative to the requirements of this Section where strict compliance with the requirements is not feasible or the proposed alternative would be at least as effective in providing pre-sale notification of mercury content and in providing instructions on proper disposal or federal law governs labeling in a manner that preempts state authority.

B.  Applications for an alternative to the requirements under this Section must document the justification for the requested alternative; describe how the alternative ensures that purchasers or recipients of mercury-added products are made aware of mercury content prior to purchase or receipt; describe how a person discarding the product will be made aware of the need for proper handling to ensure that it does not become part of solid waste or wastewater; document the readiness of all necessary parties to implement the proposed alternative; and describe the performance measures to be utilized by the manufacturer to demonstrate that the alternative is providing effective pre-sale notification and pre-disposal notification.

C.  The Department of Environmental Quality may grant, deny, modify, or condition a request for an alternative to the requirements of this Section and approval of such alternative.  The grant of the application for the alternative method of public notification shall be for a period of no more than two years and may, upon continued eligibility under the criteria of this Section and compliance with the conditions of its prior approval, be renewed for two-year intervals.  Prior to approving an alternative, the Department of Environmental Quality shall consult with neighboring states, provinces and regional organizations to ensure that its labeling requirements are consistent with those of other governments in the region.

Acts 2006, No. 126, §1, eff. June 2, 2006.

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