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      RS 30:2585     


§2585.  Public education and outreach

A.  The Department of Environmental Quality shall, as funds are available, implement a comprehensive public education, outreach, and assistance program for households, hazardous waste generators, local and regional solid waste management agencies, small businesses, health care facilities, scrap metal facilities, dismantlers, institutions, schools, and other interested groups in concert with other relevant state agencies.  Public education, outreach, and assistance programs should focus on the hazards of mercury; the requirements and obligations of individuals and manufacturers, and voluntary efforts that individuals, institutions, and businesses can undertake to help further reduce mercury in the environment.  The Department of Environmental Quality shall cooperate with manufacturers of mercury-added products and other affected businesses in the development and implementation of public education and technical assistance programs.

B.  The Department of Environmental Quality may develop an awards program to recognize the accomplishments of manufacturers, municipalities, solid waste management facilities, solid waste recycling facilities, household hazardous waste collection facilities, citizens, or others who go beyond the minimum requirements in this legislation and excel at reducing or eliminating mercury in air emissions, solid waste, and wastewater discharges.

Acts 2006, No. 126, §1, eff. June 2, 2006.

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