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      RS 30:2586     


§2586.  State procurement preferences for low or non-mercury-added products

Notwithstanding any law to the contrary or any rule or regulation promulgated pursuant thereto, for the procurement of equipment, supplies, and other products, all state agencies shall by July 1, 2007, revise their policies, rules, and procedures to implement the purposes of this Act.  In purchasing decisions, state agencies shall give priority and preference to the purchase of equipment, supplies, and other products that contain no mercury-added compounds or components, unless there is no economically feasible non-mercury-added alternative that performs a similar function.  In circumstances where a non-mercury-added product is not available, preference shall be given to the purchase of products that contain the least amount of mercury-added to the product necessary for the required performance.  The division of administration is authorized to give a price preference of up to twenty percent for products that contain no mercury or less mercury than comparable mercury containing products.  The procurement agent shall specify non-mercury or reduced mercury-added products, as applicable, in procurement bid documents. State dental insurance contracts negotiated after the effective date of this Act shall provide equal coverage for non-mercury fillings and dental amalgam fillings at no additional expense to the state employee.

Acts 2006, No. 126, §1, eff. June 2, 2006.

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