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      RS 22:2     




§2.  Insurance regulated in the public interest

A.(1)  Insurance is an industry affected with the public interest and it is the purpose of this Code to regulate that industry in all its phases.  Pursuant to the authority contained in the Constitution of Louisiana, the office of the commissioner of insurance is created.  It shall be the duty of the commissioner of insurance to administer the provisions of this Code.  The term of office of the commissioner shall be four years and said officer shall be elected at the election for governor and other state officers.

(2)  The commissioner shall appoint a chief deputy commissioner and also an assistant to the commissioner, both of whom shall serve at his pleasure and whose salaries and duties shall be fixed by him.

(3)  The chief deputy commissioner shall have the authority to perform all the acts and duties of the office of the commissioner of insurance in the absence of the commissioner of insurance, in case of his inability to act, or under his direction.

B.  The commissioner shall maintain, as confidential, any document or information received from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, insurance department of other states, international, federal, or state law enforcement agencies, and international, federal, or state regulatory agencies with statutory oversight over the financial services industry, which is confidential under the law of the state that sent the document or the applicable laws and regulations of the federal agency.  The commissioner may provide documents or information, including otherwise confidential documents or information, to state, federal, or international law enforcement agencies, to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, insurance departments of other states, or to other state, federal, or international regulatory agencies with statutory oversight over the financial services industry, including but not limited to the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions, if the recipient agrees to maintain the confidentiality of those documents which are confidential under the laws of this state.  The sharing of confidential or privileged information in accordance with this Subsection shall not be deemed a waiver of any privilege or claim of confidentiality in the documents, materials, or information.  The commissioner is authorized to use such documents, materials, or other information in the furtherance of any regulatory or legal action brought as part of the commissioner's official duties.

C.  The commissioner of insurance shall assess every insurer subject to the jurisdiction of the Department of Insurance, as provided by law.

D.  Subject to the exceptions contained in Article VII, Section 9 of the Constitution of Louisiana, all monies, funds, proceeds, and fees except for insurance premium taxes, and dedicated funds for the Municipal Police Employee's Retirement System, Sheriff's Pension and Relief Fund, and the Firefighters' Retirement System received or collected by the commissioner under the provisions of this Title shall be deposited immediately upon receipt into the state treasury and shall be credited to the Bond Security and Redemption Fund.

E.  The commissioner of insurance shall have the authority to make reasonable rules and regulations, not inconsistent  with law, to enforce, carry out, and make effective the implementation of this Code.

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