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      RS 22:262     


§262.  Technical advice, advisors, and other technical services

A.  The commissioner or the secretary may at any time call upon any other state agency, to serve as an advisor on technical or health care matters and for such technical data, statistics, or other information as he may from time to time require in the administration and enforcement of this Subpart.

B.  In the event it is necessary for the commissioner or secretary to invoke or defend any legal proceedings arising hereunder or with respect hereto, the attorney general of the state shall serve as legal counsel of record for the commissioner or secretary.

C.  Every health maintenance organization which has been licensed under this Subpart shall submit to the commissioner a plan for accreditation under an organization or entity recognized by the commissioner.  The commissioner shall be authorized to make an inspection no less frequently than once every three years of each health maintenance organization, which has not been accredited by an organization or entity recognized by the commissioner, to determine whether it is adhering to the minimum standards for utilization review and grievances.  The commissioner shall be authorized to establish agreements with the secretary for review of such health maintenance organization's contractual providers and the quality of services it offers and provides to its enrollees.  Within thirty days after inspection, the secretary shall transmit a report of such inspection to the governor with a copy thereof transmitted to the commissioner.  The costs of all such inspections shall be assessed as regulatory costs by the commissioner.

Acts 1986, No. 1065, §1; Acts 1997, No. 238, §1, eff. June 16, 1997; Redesignated from R.S. 22:2017 by Acts 2008, No. 415, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2009; Acts 2009, No. 503, §1.

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