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      RS 22:385     


§385.  Deposit or surety

A.  To assure faithful performance of its obligations to policyholders, every property residual value insurer shall, prior to the issuance of a license, deposit with or for the benefit of the insurance commissioner, securities which, at all times, shall have a value of not less than one hundred fifty thousand dollars.

B.  Those securities which may be used as a deposit shall be cash, certificates of deposit purchased from a financial institution licensed to conduct business in the state of Louisiana, bonds of the state of Louisiana or any of its political subdivisions, or bonds of the United States government.

C.  In lieu of the deposit of securities required by this Section, the applicant may file with the commissioner a surety bond in the amount of not less than one hundred fifty thousand dollars.  The bond shall be issued by a surety insurer authorized  to do business in the state of Louisiana, shall be for the same purpose as the deposit in lieu of which it is filed, and shall be subject to the approval of the commissioner.  No such bond shall be cancelled or subject to cancellation unless thirty days written notice is given to the commissioner.

D.  If deposit is made in the form of bonds or certificates of deposit, they shall be irrevocably pledged to the commissioner; however, any interest earned on such securities shall be the property of the property residual value insurer.

E.  Each deposit or surety shall be maintained unimpaired, unencumbered, and pledged to the commissioner until such time as all outstanding policies have run their full term and expired.  The deposit or surety shall remain fully in force until such time as all of the property residual value insurer's obligations to the policyholders are fulfilled.

Added by Acts 1981, No. 472, §1, eff. July 19, 1981; Redesignated from R.S. 22:1904 by Acts 2008, No. 415, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2009; Acts 2009, No. 503, §1.

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