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      RS 22:459     


§459. Excess stop-loss coverage

            A. Each self-insurance plan shall include aggregate excess stop-loss coverage and specific excess stop-loss coverage provided by an insurer licensed by the state of Louisiana. Aggregate excess stop-loss coverage shall include provisions to cover incurred, unpaid claims liability in the event of plan termination. A plan shall submit its proposed excess or stop-loss insurance contract to the commissioner at least thirty days prior to the proposed self-insurance plan's effective date and at least thirty days prior to any subsequent renewal date. The commissioner shall review the contract to determine whether it meets the standards established by this Section and shall respond within thirty days of its submission to him. Any excess or stop-loss insurance plan must provide coverage with rates not subject to adjustment by the insurer during the first twelve months.

            B. The self-insurer shall possess a written commitment, binder, or policy for stop-loss insurance issued by an insurer authorized to do business in this state and that the commitment, binder, or policy provides all of the following items:

            (1) At least thirty days' notice to the commissioner of any cancellation or nonrenewal of coverage.

            (2) Both specific and aggregate coverage with an aggregate retention of not more than one-hundred twenty-five percent of the amount of expected claims for the next plan year and a specific retention amount annually determined by the actuarial opinion required by R.S. 22:463(B).

            (3) Both the specific and aggregate coverage required in Paragraph (2) of this Subsection shall require all claims to be submitted within ninety days after the claim is incurred and provide a twelve-month claims incurred period and at least a fifteen-month paid claims period for each policy year.

            C. On the application of a self-insurer, the commissioner may waive or reduce the requirement for aggregate stop-loss insurance coverage required by this Section on a determination that the interests of the participating employers and employees are adequately protected based on the level of aggregate stop-loss insurance recommended by the actuary as required by R.S. 22:463(B).

            Acts 1984, No. 857, §1; Acts 1990, No. 902, §1; Redesignated from R.S. 22:3009 by Acts 2008, No. 415, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2009; Acts 2012, No. 680, §1, eff. June 7, 2012; Acts 2015, No. 455, §1.

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