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      CHC 1052     


Art. 1052.  Duties of department

A.  The department shall make a diligent effort to locate a parent whose rights may be restored and notify him of the effects of the restoration, including the obligation to pay child support or parental contribution.  The notice to the parent shall contain a copy of the motion showing the time and date of the hearing.

B.  Within forty-five days after the date the motion is filed, or by an earlier date as set by the court, the department shall submit a confidential report to the court which shall include findings on the following:

(1)  The change in circumstances since the certification for adoption.

(2)  A summary of the reasons why parental rights were terminated and the date of the judgment.

(3)  The willingness of the parent to resume contact with the child and to have parental rights restored.

(4)  The willingness of the child to resume contact with the parent and to have parental rights restored.

(5)  The ability and willingness of the parent to be involved in the life of the child and to accept the physical custody of the child.

(6)  Other relevant information.

Acts 2008, No. 436, §1.

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