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      RS 32:707.5     


§707.5.  Assembled vehicles

A.  An assembled motor vehicle is a vehicle which has been assembled by a person other than the manufacturer with major component parts from dismantled motor vehicles and may include new parts.

B.  Major component parts are:

(1)  Engine with or without accessories.

(2)  Transmission.

(3)  Nose:  that portion of the body from the front to the firewall when acquired or transferred as a complete unit.

(4)  Frame:  that portion of a vehicle upon which other components are affixed, such as the engine, body, or transmission.

(5)  Body:  that portion of a vehicle that determines its shape and appearance and is attached to the frame.

(6)  Door.

(7)  Rear Clip:  two or more of the following, all dismantled from the same vehicle:

(a)  Quarter panel or fender.

(b)  Floor panel assembly.

(c)  Trunk lid or gate.

(8)  Cowl:  that portion of the vehicle housing the firewall, windshield, and instrument panel.

C.(1)  An assembler shall obtain receipts for all parts used to build an assembled vehicle.  In the case of used parts from a dismantled motor vehicle, in addition to a receipt, the seller of parts from a dismantled motor vehicle shall provide the assembler with a copy of the front and back of the permit to dismantle for the vehicle from which the used part was obtained or a receipt from a licensed automotive dismantler and parts recycler certifying that the vehicle from which the part was removed was reported to the office of motor vehicles in accordance with R.S. 32:718.  In the case of a frame of the dismantled vehicle, the seller of the used frame shall endorse the permit to dismantle and deliver it to the assembler at the time the frame is sold.

(2)  In the event the used parts come from a dismantled motor vehicle issued a salvage title prior to January 1, 2010, the seller of the used parts shall write "dismantled" across the face of the salvage title, and provide the assembler with a copy of the front and back of the title, or the original salvage title as the case may be, together with a signed statement of the seller, stating the date the motor vehicle was dismantled and the name of the dismantler, in lieu of providing a copy or original permit to dismantle required in Paragraph (1) of this Subsection.

(3)  If a new component incorporated into the assembled motor vehicle was sold with a manufacturer's statement, certificate of origin, or similar document, the seller shall provide the original document with any necessary endorsements to the assembler.

D.  Prior to applying for a title or registration from the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, the assembler shall:

(1)  Obtain a physical inspection of the assembled vehicle by a Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certified law enforcement officer who has been trained and certified by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, office of state police, to inspect motor vehicles.

(2)  Submit a sworn statement attesting that the assembled motor vehicle meets all National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards for safety, bumpers, and theft prevention in effect on the date the assembly of the vehicle was completed.  The provisions of this Paragraph shall not apply to an assembled vehicle built to appear as an antique vehicle, a street rod, or other specialty vehicle.

(3)  Obtain a motor vehicle inspection sticker or statement from a licensed Louisiana motor vehicle inspection station indicating that the vehicle meets all safety requirements.  An inspection station is expressly authorized to inspect an untitled assembled vehicle when presented for inspection by the assembler.

(4)  Be assigned a vehicle identification number by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, office of state police.  The assigned number shall not be the vehicle identification number from a previously issued salvaged title or permit to dismantle and shall not be a number which would appear to have been assigned to the vehicle by a manufacturer.

E.  The assembler shall submit all documentation for component parts as described in Subsection C of this Section with the application for assembled title.

F.  Upon application for title and registration, and after payment of all applicable fees and taxes, the Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall issue a certificate of title with the words "ASSEMBLED VEHICLE" printed on the face of the title.  The record of the title shall also indicate the vehicle is assembled.  Any subsequent certificate of title issued on this vehicle shall bear the words "ASSEMBLED VEHICLE".  The model year shall be the year the motor vehicle was  inspected as indicated on the date of the physical inspection required by Paragraph (D)(1) of this Section.  The make of the vehicle shall be "assembled".

G.  The Department of Public Safety and Corrections may promulgate, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, all rules necessary to implement this Section, including rules regarding the required documentation to be submitted with an application for an assembled title.

H.  An assembled vehicle shall not be issued a "reconstructed" branded title. However, in a case where a motor vehicle titled as assembled was involved in a crash and was determined to be a total loss in accordance with R.S. 32:707(I), the title for the motor vehicle shall be branded "ASSEMBLED-SALVAGE".  If the vehicle is subsequently rebuilt in accordance with R.S. 32:707(J), the title for motor vehicle shall be branded "ASSEMBLED-RECONSTRUCTED".

I.  If the only major component changed on a pickup truck is the cab the titling shall be governed by R.S. 32:707(J).

Acts 2009, No. 435, §1, eff. July 1, 2010; Acts 2014, No. 19, §1.

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