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      CHC 1141     


Art. 1141. Prior clearance on original birth certificate; putative father registry; acknowledgment by authentic act and judgment of filiation

            A. Prior to the entry of any order terminating parental rights pursuant to this Chapter, the attorney for the prospective adoptive parents shall obtain a certified copy of all of the following:

            (1) The child's birth certificate.

            (2) A certificate indicating the name and address of any person listed with the putative father registry, or a certificate that no registration or listing has occurred, relative to this child.

            (3) A certificate from the clerk of court in and for the parish in which the child was born indicating whether any acknowledgment by authentic act or judgment of filiation has been recorded relative to this child.

            B. The vital records registry of the office of public health of the Louisiana Department of Health, or its counterpart in any other state, shall, upon request of the attorney for the prospective adoptive parent, provide him with a certified copy of the information in its custody that is required in this Article.

            Acts 1991, No. 235, §11, eff. Jan. 1, 1992; Acts 1993, No. 634, §1, eff. June 15, 1993; Acts 2004, No. 26, §1.

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