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      RS 32:861.1     


§861.1. Security required; exemption for out-of-state service in the uniformed services

            A. The registered owner of a motor vehicle who is a member of and due to service out-of-state for more than thirty days in the uniformed services is exempt from the provisions of this Chapter, while on active duty if, prior to such service, the owner notifies the commissioner in writing of the intent to discontinue the use of a vehicle. Such notice shall set forth the date upon which the vehicle will no longer be in use, the intended period of nonuse, and the storage address of the vehicle. The owner shall attach a copy of any orders or other documentation that substantiates nonuse of the vehicle due to service out-of-state in the uniformed services.

            B. An exemption pursuant to Subsection A of this Section terminates on the final date of nonuse as set forth in the notice or upon a subsequent report of liability security on the vehicle to the office of motor vehicles, whichever occurs first.

            Acts 2010, No. 330, §1; Acts 2020, No. 52, §2.

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