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      RS 32:1264.1     


§1264.1.  Notice regarding recalls

It shall be a violation of this Chapter for a motor vehicle dealer to sell a new motor vehicle without first supplying a prospective buyer with the following notice:  "A new motor vehicle may have been subject to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required recall which would be repaired in accordance with manufacturer standards approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  If such a repair is a concern before you purchase, please ask for a copy of the recall notice, if applicable, to the vehicle being sold."  This notice shall be included on the buyer's order in a box and in bold print which is signed by the buyer and the seller or his representative next to the box.  If the buyer requests the recall notice, the recall notice shall be included in the sales transaction.  If the selling dealer performed the repair, the documents supporting the repair shall also be included in the sales transaction.

Acts 2010, No. 1046, §1.

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