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      CHC 1423     


Art. 1423.  Coroner; notice; independent examination; discharge

A.  Upon admission of any minor by emergency certificate to a treatment facility, it shall be the duty of the director of the treatment facility immediately to notify the coroner of the parish in which the treatment facility is located of the admission, giving the following information if known:

(1)  The minor's name, address, date of birth.

(2)  Name of certifying physician, family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, or psychologist.

(3)  Date and time of admission.

(4)  The name and address of the treatment facility.

B.  Within seventy-two hours of admission, the minor patient shall be independently examined by the coroner or his deputy who shall execute an emergency certificate pursuant to Article 1422, which shall be a necessary precondition to the person's continued confinement.

C.  However, in the event that the coroner has made the initial examination and executed the first emergency commitment certificate, then a second examination shall be made within the seventy-two hour period set forth in this Article by any physician at the treatment facility where the minor patient is confined.

D.  If from his examination the coroner concludes that the minor is not a proper subject for emergency admission, then the minor shall not be further detained in the treatment facility and shall be discharged by the director forthwith.

Acts 1991, No. 235, §14, eff. Jan. 1, 1992; Acts 2012, No. 489, §1.

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