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      CHC 1463     


Art. 1463.  Physician's certificate for a minor

A.  A minor shall not be detained at a treatment facility pursuant to parental admission more than seventy-two hours unless a physician's certificate for a minor has been executed and delivered to the MHAS.

B.  The certificate may be executed by any licensed physician after an actual examination.

C.  Failure to conduct an actual examination prior to the execution of the certificate will be evidence of gross negligence.

D.  The certificate shall be dated and executed under penalty of perjury, but need not be notarized.  The certificate shall state:

(1)  The date and time of the physician's examination of the minor, which shall not be more than seventy-two hours prior to the signature of the certificate.

(2)  The name and age of the minor and the patient's identification number, if known.

(3)  The date and time of admission.

(4)  The name and address of the parent, tutor, caretaker, or responsible person admitting the minor.

(5)  The objective findings of the physician relative to the physical and mental condition of the minor, leading to the determination of whether the minor examined is in need of inpatient psychiatric treatment because all of the following conditions exist:

(a)  The minor suffers from mental illness or substance abuse which has a substantial adverse effect on his ability to function and requires care and treatment in an institution.

(b)  The minor can benefit from inpatient treatment.

(c)  The treatment facility where the minor is confined is medically appropriate.

(6)  The history pertinent to this admission.

(7)  A statement as to whether the minor wishes to remain in the treatment facility.

E.  The certificate shall be delivered to the MHAS located nearest to the treatment facility.  Delivery may be accomplished either by:

(1)  Personal delivery to any MHAS employee.

(2)  Mailing a copy of the certificate to the nearest MHAS, certified mail, return receipt requested.

F.  MHAS shall have the authority to represent the interests of any minor they suspect has been inappropriately placed or who had requested their services.  Services may be rendered as deemed necessary including but not limited to the provisions of Article 1405.

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