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      CHC 1630     


Art. 1630.  Interstate commission for the placement of children

NOTE:  Art. 1630 enacted by Acts 2010, No. 893, §1, eff. when the 35th state enacts the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children.

A.  The member states hereby establish, by way of the compact, a commission known as the "Interstate Commission for the Placement of Children".  The activities of the Interstate Commission are the formation of public policy and are a discretionary state function. The Interstate Commission shall:

(1)  Be a joint commission of the member states and shall have the responsibilities, powers, and duties set forth herein, and such additional powers as may be conferred upon it by subsequent concurrent action of the respective legislatures of the member states.

(2)  Consist of one commissioner from each member state who shall be appointed by the executive head of the state human services administration with ultimate responsibility for the child welfare program.  The appointed commissioner shall have the legal authority to vote on policy related matters governed by the compact binding the state.

B.  Each member state represented at a meeting of the Interstate Commission is entitled to one vote.

C.  A majority of the member states shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, unless a larger quorum is required by the bylaws of the Interstate Commission.

D.  A representative shall not delegate a vote to another member state.

E.  A representative may delegate voting authority to another person from their state for a specified meeting.

F.  In addition to the commissioners of each member state, the Interstate Commission shall include persons who are members of interested organizations as defined in the bylaws or rules of the Interstate Commission.  These members shall be ex officio and shall not be entitled to vote on any matter before the Interstate Commission.

G.  The Interstate Commission shall establish an executive committee which shall have the authority to administer the daily operations and administration of the commission. The executive committee shall not have the power to engage in rulemaking.

Acts 2010, No. 893, §1.

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