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      CHC 1637     


Art. 1637.  Withdrawal and dissolution

NOTE:  Art. 1637 enacted by Acts 2010, No. 893, §1, eff. when the 35th state enacts the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children.

A.  Withdrawal:

(1)  Once effective, the compact shall continue in force and remain binding upon each and every member state; provided that a member state may withdraw from the compact specifically repealing the statute which enacted the compact into law.

(2)  Withdrawal from the compact shall be by the enactment of a statute repealing the same.  The effective date of withdrawal shall be the effective date of the repeal of the statute.

(3)  The withdrawing state shall immediately notify the president of the Interstate Commission in writing upon the introduction of legislation repealing the compact.  The Interstate Commission shall then notify the other member states of the state's intent to withdraw.

(4)  The withdrawing state is responsible for all assessments, obligations, and liabilities incurred through the effective date of withdrawal.

(5)  Reinstatement following withdrawal of a member state shall occur when the state reenacts the compact or upon a date determined by the members of the Interstate Commission.

B.  Dissolution of compact:

(1)  The compact shall dissolve effective upon the date of the withdrawal or default of the member state which reduces the membership in the compact to one member state.

(2)  Upon the dissolution of the compact, the compact becomes null and void and shall be of no further force or effect, and the business and affairs of the Interstate Commission shall be concluded and surplus funds shall be distributed in accordance with the bylaws.

Acts 2010, No. 893, §1.

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